90% Email Sent is Spam – Why Email Backup is Important? (Infographics)

Do you have an mail account? If yes, then be careful! You may be the next victim of Email Account Hacking even though you’re using world’s best & popular Email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. If you don’t believe then you can check recently news- LinkedIn Hacking & Yahoo hacking.Online Free Email Services
Here is the infographics prepared by Dropmyemail, have a look at some figures-
“4 Billion Email addresses”
“294 Billion emails sent daily”
“If all emails were 1mm envelopes arranged vertically, it will be 294,000 KM high”
“1 in 5 Email accounts get hacked” 
“90% email sent is spam”

Dropmyemail- Online Email backup Service to protect your emails - Infographics
Online Email backup Service to protect your emails

Infographics by: Dropmyemail

What will happen when you Email account hacked? It may turns into Spam Mail, Scam Mail or Empty Mail Box. After that we can’t do anything!

So be aware and protect your mails whether they’re important or not. Most of internet users doesn’t believe that their account may hacked as they’re using world’s best secure Email Services but results are before us. Also few people thinks that their emails are not much important who needs a backup! I recommend you to take a fresh backup of all important mails using online free email backup service – Dropmyemail, also delete permanently (don’t keep in trash too) hand to hand all unnecessary or spam mails, & don’t open to read spam emails unless necessary.
Be Careful..Be Secure..Keep Enjoying Internet.



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