4 Reasons Why You Must Protect Your Computer – Basic Tips

Do you really know the reason why you are protecting your computer?

We all know that it is compulsory that we must protect our computer, then why is it compulsory for us to protect our computer?

We have to know some compulsory things or some compulsory reasons why we are protecting our computer or what if your computer falls into some other dangers we won’t know how to protect it. Here are some useful reasons why we must protect our computer, they would go below in an ordinary form and after then explanation follows.

1. To Safe The Files That Are On Your Computer.

2. To Ensure Your Computer Is In a Proper Condition.

3. To Make Sure That Even If Your Computer Is Been Stoling, It Would Be of No Benefit To The Person That Stole It.

Step #1 To Safe The Files That Are On Your Computer.

There are lots of people that have lost important file, which has even taken them to prison or cause them much losses. Are you the type that store useful files on your computer? Or are you a banker that keeps peoples files on your computer? Then if you don’t want to lose them follow these steps diligently and obediently, these information that I would give you would help you to look out for your problems and solve them one by one without leaving a single one unsolved.Computer Protection and Security-1

1. Backup Your Computer and Have the Full Believe That the Files That Are on Your Computer and Your Computer is in a Safe Condition.

2. Delete All The Useless and Nasty Files On Your Computer.

3. Don’t let anyone that you did Not Trust about His Abilities or Knowledge on Computer Handle Your Computer for You.

4. Don’t use an App that you don’t trust. I think that by applying this step you would know the reason why you are protecting your computer.

Step #2 To Ensure Your Computer Is In a Proper Condition

This is also one of the major reasons why you have to protect your computer, and then are you doing it or not? If you are doing it then jump to the third step if you are not then continue reading this step. I would give you some few tips on how to ensure your computer is in a proper condition.Computer Protection and Security-2
1. Keep it out of the reach of Children [Don’t let children toil with your computer]

2. Don’t allow someone that don’t know anything about

3. Don’t use site that you did not trust.

4. Ensure you empty your recycle bin when necessary. Although they are not much but by following them you would get a better result and enjoy the taste of your computer.

Step #3 To Make Sure That Even If Your Computer Is Been Stolen, It Would Be of No Benefit To The Person That Stole It.

Although I don’t pray that you would ever fall into a hand of a thief not to talk less of stealing your computer, but in case of if you fall into their hands or become a victim, what are you going to do? Are you ready to lose those important files that can give you thousands of Dollars? Or are you ready to lose your clients files? Then if “NO’’, what are you still waiting for? Grab up the opportunity and make yourself comfortable even when you have lost most of your file. Here are some tips that would help you out incase if you lost your computer or lost some useful files.Computer Protection and Security-3
1. Make sure that you backup your computer every 3 days to ensure safety.

2. Save every file you download or even any article you have written [for those that those not windows 7 and 8].

3. While saving those file give them the right name so that you can remember them whenever you want to open it. Hopefully after reading this article you would never loss a file and also know the essence of you protecting your computer.

Written by Onibalusi Segun, He write about computer tips and gives tips on how to protect your computer. You can check more articles on his blog @procomputertech.com and also follow him on twitter or facebook @ naniboy4life.

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