How To Batch (Multiple) Reply in Gmail using Google Chrome Extension

A useful and light-weighted Google chrome extension ‘Batch Reply For Gmail’ for Gmail users who uses chrome browser and often need to send similar response to multiple email conversations at once.
Google Chrome Browser Extensions
It adds a ‘Reply’ button in the Gmail User Interface to the right of ‘More’ drop-down list as shown in following screenshot-
Batch Reply For Gmail Chrome Extension - Reply Button
This Reply button adds the functionality to send the similar response by selecting multiple conversations as shown in following screenshot-Batch Reply For Gmail Chrome Extension Screenshot
Let’s take an example- If you’re an Support Manager and often receives a lot of emails daily for the same query. Then you’ve to send the similar response to each email by clicking on Reply Button.

Features of ‘Batch Reply For Gmail’ Chrome Extension-

1. A simple ‘Reply’ button within the Gmail interface,
2. Light-weighted and simple extension to send similar response to multiple emails at once,
3. Easy to install and uninstall,
4. This extension can access your Gmail data (

Check out the more details, reviews, author details etc. on the Chrome web store and click on the button ‘Add to Chrome’ to download and install it directly-

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