Free File Hosting HTML, JS & CSS Files On Google Drive

Google Drive brought another great feature of Free Hosting. If you’re looking for a place where you can host your HTML, Docs, CSS or Javascript JS files for free, then Google Drive is the best and safe place for this purpose. Don’t go anywhere else just create a Google account (if don’t have any) and use Google Drive as Free Host Today. Most of the bloggers who use Blogspot as free blogging platform, always worried to host their external files mostly CSS and JS files, now their search ends here. Below is the simple procedure to explain how to host HTML, CSS or Javascript JS files on Drive for Free and easily.

Google Cloud Service - Google Drive

Google Cloud Service – Google Drive

How To Use Google Drive To Host Files for Free:

1. Create a New Folder, ex. ‘Host Files’ and make it’s sharing settings to ‘Public On The Web‘ (refer this link to learn How to Change the Sharing Settings of a folder/file on Google Drive)
2. Now you can upload your HTML, CSS or Javascript JS Files to this folder and can use anywhere since this folder is shared publicly.
3. Preview your HTML files easily. Upload HTML file, open it and you’ll see an ‘Preview‘ button in the toolbar. Example HTML File.
4. You can share (copy) the URL of the file and can share with others or use it wherever you want.
Enjoy the Google Drive As Free File Host.
If still you’ve any query, then leave a comment below, i’ll be happy to answer.

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